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  • How much time should I book?
    Since we offer a more elaborate version of balloons and face painting, we recommend 1 hour of service for every 12 to 15 kids for the best experience we can offer your guests. However, balloons can be simplified to accommodate more kids in the same amount of time if need be without affecting price. Face painting is much less flexible and can only accommodate 15 kids per hour max, even with a simplified menu.
  • Can I hire one artist to do both services?
    The short answer is no. Our artists are specialists and specialize in either balloons or face painting. Not both.
  • Can I extend time?
    We recommend our customers book sufficient time upfront. Our average artist works 3 to 5 events back to back on Saturdays and Sundays and therefore cannot typically extend past the contracted time. However, we will always do our best to accommodate our customers. If the time is available to extend, we are happy to do so. It's just not something we can always guarantee.
  • Are there any restrictions for balloon art?
    Yes, but very few. Basically, due to the unique choking hazard balloons present and the fact that infants and toddlers like to put things in their mouths, we do NOT give children under the age of 18 months balloons with NO exceptions.
  • Are there any restrictions for face painting?
    Yes. Child must be willing participants. We do NOT paint children under the age of 1 years old since allergies are typically yet unknown. Though we use all-natural hypo allergenic paints and though unlikely, we cannot guarantee that an allergic reaction will not occur. While we DO paint children under 2 years old, we typically do so on their arms. We will not paint anyone who, in the option of the artist, appears to be suffering from a cold, sores, conjunctivitis, any infection of the skin, open wounds, head lice or similar. Children of all ages must be able to sit still.
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